I like to think of the gallery as a mercurial landscape of the mind, a place where matter and consciousness mingle. The work seeks to assert the importance of this duo of forces, cerebrally presented and fully existing emotionally at the same time, connecting our bodies with our minds. I strive to use this kind of interactive intelligence as a totality of force, one that is necessary to intuit and explore changing spatiality and understandings. The work seeks to unsettle the conventional account of reality, the cul de sac spun by corporate values, so vividly and forcefully delivered to our minds through contemporary culture; to build an adaptive and sustainable relationship with the world we inhabit.

The work explores material reality as one of compliance and contradiction, one in which no rule applies. In this world of upheaval, lies an endless range of evolving possibilities which can become manifest visually through the enactment of will within the agency of matter.

Macrophysicality finds its point of incision; conscious and insightful, it enters the molecularly complex world of the object. These actions orchestrate new formation in that amorphous bank of matter behind appearance – consciousness modelling form. Interiority within an exterior condition.